Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Art HW Creative control and making contextual links

So I wanted to give some choices for the next home study task and provided students with 2 options. I need to make sure that my Yr 10 class (14-15 yrs old) bring back personal choice, creativity and develop their ability to make informed choices and identify links between their work and that of others. As we have been embarking on a new project recently our focus has been more on visual, practical and verbal analysis of the work of key artists, identifying and developing skills that would enable students to create work inspired and informed by others. Students are producing excellent results and this has allowed me to revolve my range of experts within the class who are able to model and share their good practice with others.As amazing as this prep work is, we have been itching to develop these new-found approaches and skills by sinking our creative teeth into work that is more experimental, departing from the idea of initial transcription to confident, flowing and 'designed' art work.

I hope that these two tasks will give students the opportunity to create a unique jumping off point for each individual and look forward to seeing the results that come back and how students will push their initial ideas further. I'll post work as it arrives!

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