Friday, 17 May 2013

'Speed Dating' teaching and learning strategy

This one comes courtesy of a colleague of mine in the French Department (the excellent Ms Mundy!). Fully adaptable across a range of subjects, themes, ideas; it runs as follows!

Speed Dating

This is one of my favourite activities for Speaking and Listening practice. I use it in French lessons but it can be adapted for any subject.

Preparation: Provide pupils with a list of questions related to a previous lesson. You could use cue cards or the whiteboard.
Timing: Set a short time limit for each round i.e. 30 seconds – 1 minute maintains a good pace.

Instructions: Pupils take it in turns to ask questions and note down the three most interesting details from their partner’s answer. It’s a good idea to give pupils a guideline i.e. Note down: key words / good examples / imaginative responses / funny answers.

The activity: When the time’s up, the teacher rings the bell and one member from each pair moves to the next partner. This can continue until everyone is back to their original seat.

Reinforcement: Ideally, pupils should get new ideas from each new partner and push themselves to extend and develop their original answers.

Plenary: Pupils give feedback in pairs / whole class about good key words / nice examples / interesting ideas etc. / and write a model answer to a question of their choice.

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