Thursday, 4 July 2013

Finished!!! Transition Newspaper available on TES resources from mrmacooley

Available on TES resources is a very special edition of The Heron, Wanstead High School’s newsletter.
This issue has been brought to you by a group of 33 Year 6 students from Aldersbrook Primary School, Highlands Primary school and Wanstead Church of England Primary School and their dedicated teachers. These future Year 7 Wanstead High School students came to visit us, spending the day with interviewing staff and students to find out and share what really goes on here.

Our visiting Year 6 students were ably supported by a crack team of Year 8 and Year 12 Learning Ambassadors, who really went out of their way to ensure that our guests felt welcome and supported in their learning. Students were assigned to a group of three, with each team member being from a different school to ensure that lots of networking and relationships were developed before the big transition day.

These Year 6 reporters have done an amazing job feedingback on life what life is like at Wanstead High School. Copies of the newspaper have been printed and distributed to our four main primary schools and will be available on transition day so that all our new Year 7 students and their families can find out about us the excellent work that goes on here.

Year 6 got to interview a whole host of students and staff members, including our Head Teacher who was both surprised and pleased by the grilling he received during an interview at the hands of some very inquisitive, budding reporters. We would like to extend our thanks to all involved and to say that we are looking forward to meeting the rest of our new Year 7 very soon.

A BIG well done to all the students and staff involved, the day was a great success- read for yourself!

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